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USTVNow App Download : USTVNow APK on Android, Kodi, Roku & Windows PC Guides

USTVNow is a very good application to watch American Tv channels for free. There are many applications that provide Tv channels to watch online. But, You have to pay them to enjoy their services where as you can use UsTv Now without any cost.

I think there are a few applications that provide Tv channels for free. USTVNow app is one of those few applications and the best among them. Download USTVNow and you will never feel like you are away from home. This is a very nice alternative to your traditional cable Tv.

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USTVNow app is available for various devices. You can install USTVNow on Android, iOS, Kodi, Roku and, Windows PC. The problem here is, this app is not available on official stores like Google Play Store or App Store. To get this application on your device, you need to Download Latest USTV Now APK. The installation of USTVNow APK is very simple and can be completed in a few steps.

Keep reading this post to know how to install USTVNow App on various devices. Before we learn installation methods, let’s see some features of USTVNow.

ustvnow main page
USTVNow Main Page


  • You can watch all the popular TV channels from United States.
  • If you are not from USA but want to follow American channels, USTVNow app is the right choice for you.
  • User friendly surface of the application makes you like the application more. And, there won’t be any lag while watching the TV channels.
  • USTV Now provides premium options as well. You can get more benefits if you opt for premium services.


You can watch some additional channels with the Premium version. And, Digital Video Recording options is there for Premium users. This option you will not get in the free version.

Now, we will see how to install USTVNow on various devices.

USTVNow Packages
Packages and Chanel's of USTVnow

How To Install USTVNOW APK Latest Version on Android Devices

USTVnow APK is a live TV service that lets you watch the American cable TV channels outside the United States. This service is primarily created for the US Military personnel who are currently serving the country and are deployed in a foreign land. With USTVnow, you gain access to a variety of TV channels.

USTVnow offers a tiered pricing structure and makes sure there is a plan for all the viewing needs. It lets you watch your favorite content in the HD quality. Some of its plans also include the unlimited DRV capabilities. USTVnow offers up to 24 channels and currently they are running a promo offering good discounts on the plans. In this article we will learn to install USTVnow APK on your Android device. USTVNow Kodi addon is also available for kodi users.

For more information you can read our USTVnow For Kodi installation guide written for Kodi users.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the USTVnow services at

Here, you need to choose and buy the desired plan and create an account with USTVnow. This service offers a free plan with 6 channels. The paid plans start at $14.99 per month and offer more channels and DVR capabilities.

Once you have signed up, you can install the USTVnow app on your Android device using the APK file. You can use this APK file of USTVNOW to install Ustvnow on Firestick device.


The installation of USTVNow Android app is really simple and you can perform the installation in a few simple steps. You need the latest version of APK to install the app on Android. The latest version is USTVNow 12.0.1

App Name USTVNow Android
Android Version Required 4.2 and above
File Size 5.2 MB
Root access Not Required


  • Download the latest version of USTV Now App
  • After the download, you can start the installation. Before you start the installation, do check whether you enabled unknown sources option or not.
  • If you don’t know how to enable it
    • Go to Settings
    • Find Security options and look for Unknown sources option in it
    • And, check the box to enable it. If a toggle is given there, tap on that to enable it.
    • This is very important. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to install US TV Now on your Android device.
  • If you have performed above actions, go to USTV NOW APK Download folder and tap on the application
  • Now, Hit on install option to continue the installation process.
  • The application is light weighted so it won’t take long for the installation.
USTVNow APK is now installed on your Android devices and ready to use. Launch the application and enjoy the best quality American Tv channels right from your Android mobile phone. To use the application without any interruptions, you always need to have the latest version of US Tv Now on your phone.
USTVNow Android app installation is completed. Now, we will see how to install USTV app on other devices.
USTVnow gives you access to the American satellite channels to the residents who are living outside the country. You may be an expat, a traveller or deployed in military, here is your chance to watch your favorite channels over internet.  Setting up, installing and using USTVnow is easy on Android.


Yes, we can use USTVNow on PC as well. There is no official application for PC users. But there is an work around to install it on PC or Laptop. You can install USTVNow on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Mac.

For our users, we have written a detailed guide on How to install US Tv Now app on Windows PC. You can access the guide and read the steps to get it on your computer.

USTV Now For PC/Laptop


Many users who watch entertainment stuff definitely know about Kodi. All the kodi users should know that there is an addon to enjoy USTvNow services. The addon is USTVNOW Plus. Our team has published a guide on how to install USTVNOW Plus addon on Kodi. You can read that for more information.

USTV Now Plus For Kodi


There is one more service to use USTVNOW is Roku. There are millions of users, who use Roku. For all those users, we are happy to announce that, USTV Now can be installed on Roku as well. Read the guide below.



USTVNOW is a cool app that has hundreds of channels from around the globe. If you want to follow American channels, there is no better option than this application. In this post, we have covered all the installation methods and features of the application. If you have any kind of doubts, kindly comment below so that we can help you.