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USTVNow For Kodi : How to Install USTVNOW Plus Addon on Kodi

USTVnow for Kodi is an IPTV service that is very popular among the Americans who are away from their country and still want to watch their favorite channels. USTVnow lets you stream the live channels over the internet. The good thing is that you can also get USTVnow for Kodi. You can stream all your favorite channels through Kodi now.

USTVnow Plus for Kodi is the addon that you need to get. In this guide I will show you how to install USTVnow for Kodi in some easy steps. The entire process will only take a few minutes like installing USTVNOW APK on Android. So, keep reading!

ustvnow kodi


Before you can use USTVnow for Kodi, you will need to sign up for the services. This won’t take too long.

Just visit on a computer or mobile and sign up for the services.

You can choose one of the three available plans:

  • Free: Only 6 channels. Limited DVR
  • $14.99 per month (first three months) & $29 thereafter: All 24 channels. Limited DVR.
  • $24.99 per month (first three months) & $39 thereafter: All 24 channels. Unlimited DVR.


Before we start, there is something extremely important I would like you to be aware of. Everything that you do online can be traced by others such as your own Government, your ISP and surprisingly, even certain third-parties.

Even though Kodi is a legal app available through the official app stores, many Kodi users have received legal notices for streaming free content. We do not encourage breaking the copyright laws. But, we strongly advocate the rights to privacy.

When you use VPN, you can mask your online data transactions through the robust encryption algorithms. As a result, it becomes impossible for anyone to track your activities. Another benefit of using VPN is that it prevents you from internet throttling, thereby allowing you to enjoy your internet connection at its full potential.

As a personal user of IPVanish, I can vouch for and recommend this service to you. It is reliable, steady, and supported on multiple platforms including Windows, FireStick, Android mobiles, iOS and more.

IPVanish is fast and has hundreds of servers worldwide. It is also very easy to use. Go ahead and sign up for a free trial of IPVanish now.


We will now install USTVnow Kodi addon. This addon is available as USTVnow Plus.

Kodi has an official repository, that comes preinstalled with the app. It is called Kodi Add-on repository. USTVnow Plus for Kodi is the part of this official repository.

Here are the steps to install the addon from the repo:

  • Open Kodi and on the home-screen click ‘Add-ons’. You will find this option on the left sidebar
  • Now, click the icon on the top left of the next screen that looks like the open box and it is called ‘Package installer’
  • Next, click ‘Install from repository’
  • Now you need to click ‘Kodi add-on repository’. There is one thing to note here. If you have yet not installed any other repository on Kodi yet, you will not see the name of the repository after clicking ‘Install from repository.’ You will be taken to the repository content directly. So, if you do not see this repo after the previous step then jump to the next step
  • Click ‘Video add-ons’ next
  • Scroll down and click USTVnow Plus
  • Click ‘Install’ on the next screen. This button is on the bottom left
  • Wait for the USTVnow Plus Kodi addon installed notification to appear.

That’s it. You have successfully installed USTVnow addon for Kodi.

Go to the Kodi home-screen one more time and click ‘Add-ons’ again. Now, click ‘Video add-ons’.

Here, you will see the USTVnow Plus Kodi addon icon. Click this icon and sign in with your USTVnow account credentials that you created earlier during registration.


If you are outside the USA and still want to access the American satellite channels, I believe USTVnow is the best way to do it. Download USTVnow for Kodi and enjoy up to 24 channels this service has to offer. And, if you want DVR capabilities, you can choose the plan that offers the service.